Sliced Tomato

Sliced Tomato


I am a Sliced Tomato

Good Things About Me.

I am not hairy.

I do not get B.O.

I've never had a broken leg.

I take mist showers.

I used to hang around a lot.

Now I like to spread myself around.


I am a sliced tomato. I hope you like me.

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Sliced Tomato

Dancing TomatoI was just invited to my Family Reunion. It will be fun to see everyone again. It's being held at the Farmers Market this weekend.

I played golf today and found out that I have a horrible slice.

Last time I looked, there was just a slice of moon in the sky. Now it is a full moon. I wish I could do that.

I may not be the WHOLE ball of wax, but I am definitely a little SLICE of heaven.

My friends say that I am funny. A real "cut-up".

You bring the bacon, I'll bring the lettuce.

Thank you for visiting our little garden on the web. My friends and I from the garden will be posting recipies, gardening tips and wonderous inventions for a healthy diet and solutions for a long life well worth living.

Welsome to


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